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Episode 12 – Kris Gethin: Mindset, Travel & Bio-Hacks

In this episode of The Inspired Lifestyle Podcast, Jag has a special guest. His best friend and business partner, Kris Gethin.

Jag and Kris discuss how they cope up with their busy travel schedules and cover various topics including optimizing travels – precautions, preventions, and recovery.

They also emphasize how their mindsets have changed along with time and some important practices that have helped them to stay ahead in the game.

Time Stamps:

1:18 – Optimizing Travel Schedule

3:31 – Quantification Tools

3:51 – Muscle Retention VS Longevity

5:16 – Kris Gethin’s Travel Bag Essentials

7:17 – Top 5 Issues that Damage Our Body During Travels

9:20 – Effects of Frequent Flights and How To Prevent Them

11:14 – Food, Nutrition & Supplementation While Travelling

12:02 – Detoxification After Travelling

13:56 – Mindset

15:55 – Most Powerful Tool To Train Your Mind



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