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Episode 14 – The Right Way to Immigration with Harjap Bhangal

In this episode of The Inspired Lifestyle Podcast, Jag has a special guest, his close friend Harjap Bhangal.

Jag and Harjap discuss various factors relating to immigration including reasons for illegal immigration, issues arising due to this, BREXIT, the right way for immigration and lots more.

Harjap Singh Bhangal LLB is a British Punjabi Solicitor of England & Wales, who specializes in Immigration and Nationality Law. He is the first UK Immigration Solicitor who featured in a documentary made by the BBC World Service about a day in the life of his work.

Harjap has been practicing UK Immigration law since 2002. He has now become the “go-to” person for the UK media whenever any immigration matters need commentating on. Through his TV shows, he has made UK Immigration advice accessible to the public for free and also via his free advice shows on the BBC Asian Network. The “Immigration Guru” slot on the BBC Asian Network has now become one of the most popular shows on the BBC Asian Network. Harjap was recently awarded “UK Immigration and Nationality Lawyer of the year 2017” by Finance Monthly Magazine.

Time Stamps:

1:15 – Introduction of Mr. Harjap Bhangal
2:58 – About Harjap Bhangal
4:15 – One of the Main Reasons For Illegal Immigration
5:35 – Nationalities who consult Harjap Bhangal
6:40 – BREXIT – An Important Advice to the Illegal Immigrants
8:45 – Issues faced by Illegal Immigrants
9:15 – Option of Returning back to home country and starting a business
10:20 – Main reasons illegal immigrants don’t want to return
11:57 – Education – An Answer to solve illegal immigration
12:43 – Legal Taxpayers point of view in illegal immigrants
15:55 – Effects on illegal immigration on their relatives at their home country
18:35 -The Right way to immigration for Students
19:40 – STEM Graduates
20:40 – What students should do before enrolling in universities abroad?
22:51 – Categories of People with Existing Skillset who can Migrate To UK
25:55 – Immigration through Investor Programme
31:06 – Effects Of COVID-19 on Immigration
32:43 – Right way to contact Mr. Harjap Bhangal



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