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Episode 15 – Intermittent Fasting and Biohacking with Tim Gray Biohacker

In this episode of The Inspired Lifestyle Podcast, Jag has a special guest, Tim Gray, a serial entrepreneur and a leading biohacker in the UK. Tim founded and operated a psychology-based digital marketing agency based in London, and has many years of experience in NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Two years ago he founded London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic, and he also the founder of The Health Optimisation Summit. 

Tim shares his extensive knowledge about intermittent fasting and moves into various other biohacking techniques like grounding, EMF & blue light blocking, redlight therapy, etc.

To know more about Tim, follow him on his socials @TimBiohacker @HealthOptimisationSummit.

Time Stamps:

1:00 – How Tim started with Biohacking.

3:34 – Biohacking In UK.

4:02 – The First Biohacking Summit in the UK.

6:55 – What is Biohacking?

12:52 – Intermittent Fasting.

19:34 – Role of IF on Fat Loss and Sleep Quality.

22:06 – How to start IF? – Tips for Beginners.

24:22 – What actually breaks a fast if the goal is Fat Loss? Myths Surrounding Black Coffee and Green Tea.

25:40 – Top 10 Biohacks of Tim Grey

25:57 – Grounding

28:23 – Bluelight blocking glasses

28:53 – Red Light Therapy

29:10 – Carolly eye exercise bike – improving heart rate with HIIT training

30:40 – EMF Blocking 

31:47 – Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase oxygen intake

32:27 – Sensate meditation device

32:50 – Oura Ring

33:13 – Digestive Enzyme 

34:56 – Glutathione

35:55 – About UK Biohacking Summit in September 2020



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