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Episode 17 – Biological Dentistry with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

In this episode of The Inspired Lifestyle Podcast, Jag has a special guest all the way from Germany, Dr. Dominik Nischwitz. Jag was introduced to Dr. Nischwitz through a common friend and fellow biohacker Tim Gray.

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is a Specialist in Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants, founding member and current President of the ISMI – International Society of Metal-free Implantology. Together with his father, he founded the DNA Health&Aesthetics – Center for Biological Dentistry in Tübingen/Germany in 2015.

As an international speaker, he regularly gives lectures worldwide in order to establish consistent biological dentistry as the next level of dentistry and has recently published his first book “IN ALLER MUNDE” at Mosaik Verlag.

Dr. Nischwitz developed the FOOD DESIGN CONCEPT, the BONE HEALING PROTOCOL as well as several intravenous nutritional treatments and is the founder of the company Bioaesthetics and the expert behind the formulations for the SUPZ/SUPZ INSIDE supplement line. In 2018, he launched his first health food concept store – JUICERY THE STORE – in his hometown Tübingen, Germany.

In this episode, Dr. Nischwitz shares his amazing journey in dentistry and his passion for nutrition, optimal health, and performance.

Dr. Nischwitz educates the difference between biological & conventional dentistry, and their short & long term health implications. He also shares his knowledge on various dental procedures including metal fillings, implants, veneers, root canal, etc… And why oral health is very important for optimizing overall health.

Time Stamps:

1:21 – Introduction about Dr. Dominik Nischwitz
4:57 – Difference between a Biological Dentist and Conventional Dentist
10:41 – Effects of Metal Fillings on Your Body
16:42 – How to determine the effects of metal fillings on your body
21:16 – Root Canal Treatment
29:30 – Dental Aesthetics – Implants and Veneers
36:19 – Preparation and Recovery for a Dental Procedure
39:58 – Downsides of Low-Cost Dental Treatments
47:37 – Importance of Nutrition for complete oral health
51:50 – Supplements For Oral and Overall Health
1:09:45 – About Dr Nischwitz’s book – “Its All In Your Mouth”
1:11:06 – About Dr Nischwitz’s Supplement Line – SupzNutrition


Its All In Your Mouth Book –

SupzNutrition –

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz Instagram –



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